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    Dahan Institute  of  Technology,  the most famous College in the East of Taiwan, was founded in 1977. At the same time, Department of Civil Engineering of 5-year, was also established.  It was renamed in 1992 when 2-year academic discipline system of Department of Civil Engineering reorganized.  Then 2-year academic discipline system of night school was set up in 1995.  The academic discipline system again was upgraded in 1999 into 4-year education system of Institute of Technology. In 2000, all the classes altered to be 4-year systems of Institute of Technology. The next year, 4-year system of Institute of Technology for night school was set up. What deserves to be mentioned the most is the graduate school of Civil Engineering &Environment Resources Management was set up in 2012,that there has been 38 graduate students for advanced study now.
        Because one of civil engineering's missions is to enhance the living standard and protect the safety of human beings,  the  future  teaching  and  researches of the department will combine human needs with Energy,  Ecology and Environment ( EEE ) in order to reach the total balance of entirety, furthermore, to aim at educating new generation of civil engineers.  In 2010, the Department of Civil Engineering and Environmental Resources Management was renamed after years of expansion and development. Both of our teacher’s qualification and  facilities in our department have achieved the highest standards. As teacher’s qualification,  currently  there  are  9  full-time teachers ( including 2 professor,  3 associate professors  and  4 assistant professors).
       For   more   than  thirty  years,   our  alumni  are  creating  enormous  contributions  for  national developments in the east of Taiwan . In recent years, as large population is starting to become more ecologically conscious,  we have attached  importance  to  the environmental changes caused by the economic developments and industrial constructions.  Thus, civil engineers must concern the impacts towards the environment  while  planning  and  building  fundamental  constructions.  Additionally,  with  issues  in exhaustion of energy and natural resources, with global warming and sea level rising caused by   the   increase   of   the  greenhouse  effect,   all  of  these  issues  are  challenging  our  continuing developments of the country.